Feb 14, 2011

14 07 2012

Hi everyone!

The snow is melting!!!! Finally – I’m beginning to actually see some grass on my front lawn.

Did you know there’s a Doodle for Google contest going on? Prizes include a $15,000 college scholarship for the winning student and a $25,000 technology grant for the winning school. Registration closes on March 2nd and entries must be postmarked by March 16th. NEW!!! If your school district is not participating, you can register your own child. Take a look at the video and the link below for additional information.


Also, I came across this list that I thought you might find interesting:

Top 10 Safe Search Engines
  1. Sweet Search – all content evaluated by experts including libraians and teachers/
  2. Top Marks – developed by teachers in the UK
  3. Quintura for Kids – very cool! You’ll love this – results are displayed in a cloud based style.
  4. Kid Rex – designed by parents and kids around Google’s safe search mechanism
  5. Ask Kids – ask a question and get your anser – designed for kids ages 6 – 12
  6. Yahoo Kids – the “old” Yahooligans
  7. Famhoo – family friendly (all content is filtered)
  8. One Key – developed in collaboation with Google Docs
  9. Google (Safe Search) – create your own safe search engine
  10. Nettrekker – for this one you have to purchase a subscription
Enjoy your week off – hopefully some of you are lucky and going somewhere WARM!!!!



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