About and Policy Board Meetings

MTRACT is one of 140 New York State Teacher Centers funded by a NYS Grant dedicated to providing quality professional development.

MTRACT is located in room 133 at the Ames Campus. Monthly meetings are held on Mondays at 4:00 pm OR on Google Meet. You will find the dates for meetings here. If the meeting is virtual, the link will appear here as well.

IMPORTANT: Check the website prior to attending in the case of any emergency cancellations.

October 18 – Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/dck-sjsa-xwh
November 15 – Ames Rm 133
December 6 – tentative – check back for location
January 3 – Ames Rm 133
February 7 – canceled
March 7 – https://meet.google.com/fbu-hoak-wyr

April 4 – Ames Rm 133
May 2 – Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/srx-bcsh-nza

Minutes can be found at the following link: Minutes

Come to M-TRACT for both in-service and graduate courses as well as a resource for your classroom needs. Create posters from a simple computer document, laminate posters and documents, make buttons for your class or your “star” student, make letters for your bulletin boards.

As you know, it is now necessary for us to keep track of our professional development hours (especially teachers under the new certification requirements). PowerSchool (Frontline-MLP) is the place where Massapequa teachers can enter courses and hours so that nothing is lost and everything is well-organized.

Questions? See your MTRACT Liaison

Birch Lane – Susan Murphy

East Lake – Need Liaison

Fairfield – Claire Mitchell

Lockhart – Alison Morgan

McKenna – Gina Ring

Unqua – Marissa Sondo

Ames – Sally Solem

Berner – Kira Martelli

MHS – Brigitte Kahn

PTA – Need Liaison

St Rose – Liz Bingham

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