Registration and CTLE Facts

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  • Any professional development hours that will count toward your CTLE MUST be through an approved CTLE sponsor.
  • Make sure you get and KEEP certificates signed by your CTLE provider AND includes their CTLE number.
    If you are called for an audit by the State you MUST have ORIGINAL certificates to bring with you. Keep HARD copies. Do not count on digital unless you have multiple backup.

March 30, 2023

Fact Sheet 23-5 Teacher Certification in Computer Science

Effective 4/27/22 – edTPA is no longer a requirement for certification in NYS

March 2, 2022Fact Sheet 21–13 Teacher Certification in New York State
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May 21, 2021: NYSUT FACT SHEET for Computer Science Certification
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September, 2020: NYSUT Fact Sheet Middle Level Flexibility and CTE Certification
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July, 2020: NYSUT Fact Sheet: Incidental Teaching & Substitute Teaching Changes in Response to COVID-19
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April 6, 2020 – Click to open information about NYS Certification for Students With Disabilities from NYSUT
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November 28, 2016: NYSUT Fact Sheet 16-14: NYS Teacher Certification Examinations and Exam Safety Nets
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As of July 1, 2016

CTLE Chart

CTLE – Professional Development Requirements for Teacher Certification

NYSUT has prepared a wealth of information regarding the new CTLE requirements as outlined in the above chart. I’ve included some of the information here.

  1. Click the link to read 10 things you need to know about CTLE: CTLE Regs
  2. Click the link for information about :   How to Register on TEACH
  3. Click the link    NYSED Registration Table

LOTS HERE – the updated site! For more information visit the NYSUT Certification website

April 27, 2015: NYSUT Fact Sheet NYS Teacher Certification
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April 27, 2015: NYSUT Fact Sheet State requires teachers, TAs, to reregister for certification
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Content Specialty Tests (CSTs), Educating All Students test (EAS), and edTPA safety nets

Click here for information regarding the Content Specialty Tests and Safety Net Information.

Click below for NYS Teacher Certification Exam Information


Nassau BOCES Regional Certification Office
George Farber Administrative Center
71 Clinton Road
Garden City, New York 11530-9195

Certification Facts


  • Valid for 5 years (no more time extensions)
  • May apply for 5 year reissue ONLY if all that is missing is the experience (this may only be done once)

Initial Reissuance as of September 1, 2013

  • Submit application and pay fee
  • Have less than 3 years of teaching experience
  • Complete 75 hours of acceptable professional development as prescribed in part 80-3.6 within the year prior to applying to the Department for the reissuance.
  • Re-take and achieve a satisfactory score on the NYS Teacher Certification Exam, Content Specialty Test in the area of your certificate within one year of applying.


  • Five year cycle (master’s degree, 12 graduate credits in subject or related area)
  • Three years teaching experience
  • Tests (NYSTCE, LAST, ATS-2, CST)
  • Fingerprinting
  • Mentoring (this comes from the district)
  • Autism workshop for Special Ed certifications

Definition of One Year Experience
Section 80-1.1 #47 Year of experience for permanent or professional certification means:

  1. a minimum of 180 days of full-time, continuous school experience in the subject or area of certification completed within a 12-month period;
  2. a minimum of 180 days of full-time, continuous school experience in the subject or area of certification completed in periods of no less than 90 days each within a 12-month period; or
  3. a minimum of 360 days of part-time, continuous school experience consisting of an average of 2.5 days per week in the subject or area of certification completed in periods of no less than 90 days each within a 12-month period

*** Experience as a permanent sub DOES count; experience as a TA DOES NOT.
*** ONLINE MASTERS: be careful! Make sure the educational institution is acceptable to the State. UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX IS NOT!



      1. Be sure that Human Resources has a copy of your professional certificate
      2. Check your My Learning Plan account and make sure that it agrees with your records. Contact Human Resources if there are any discrepancies
      3. Check your TEACH account to be certain that your hours agree with your records for your professional development CTLE hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start accumulating my 100 hours?

Your first professional development period begins on July 1 following the effective date of your Professional teaching certificate.  A professional development year is July 1st – June 30th.

Can I take the 100 hours before the 5 year period is over?

Yes, you may. There is no specific requirement that the teacher may only accumulate 209 hours per year to reach the 100 hours; however, the State recommends that teachers do not take an overwhelming amount of hours in any single year.

If I finish my 100 hours before the 5 year period is up, can I start accumulating hours for my next 5 year period?

No. If you take 200 hours in a five year period ONLY 100 hours will count. You start at 0 hours every 5 years.

What if I hold 2 professional certificates in different areas?

You are only required to complete 100 hours in each five-year period. The five year period begins after the FIRST Professional certificate is issued regardless of the date of the second certificate.

How many hours can I earn for inservice and graduate courses?

A district must use clock hours: 15 hours for each credit

Exactly what will Massapequa count toward my 100?

All after-school professional development in accordance with the Massapequa teachers’ contract
Courses and other learning opportunities delivered from many providers, such as institutions of higher education, teacher centers, BOCES, school districts and independent professional development service providers
Collegial Circle Activities (without a stipend)
District Committees: Maximum of 10 hours per year
Building Committees: Maximum of 5 hours per year
Service as a Cooperating Teacher: Maximum of 15 hours per year
Scoring: Maximum of 3 hours per year
Delivering District Based Professional Development offered through M-TRACT and not affiliated with any outside organization or institution of higher education: Maximum of 2 hours per year
District Initiative Activities – Turn Key: Maximum of 10 hours per year
Presenting at a conference: Maximum of 5 hours per year
National Board Certification: Up to 15 hours for Certification
Summer professional development workshops approved by the district – Harvard University Summer training: Actual professional development hours up to a maximum of 6 hours per day
Other activities approved by the Superintendent: As per hours attended

IMPORTANT: All requests for professional development hours must be approved by Human Resources through My Learning Plan

It is your responsibility to keep a record of all professional development activities completed including those provided by the district.

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