And THAT’S what teaching is all about… Fran Rosen

29 04 2013

rosenIn my mind, the recognition a teacher receives from students is the most valuable. Fran Rosen received just that kind of recognition and was honored with Farmingdale State College’s FAME award (Farmingdale Award for Motivational Effectiveness). Each year students graduating from Farmingdale may nominate a teacher who they believe should receive the “Student Award for Academic Excellence”. Michael P. was a student in Fran Rosen’s elementary classroom. In his essay nominating Fran, Michael stated, “Mrs. Rosen gave me the basic foundation needed to succeed. She taught me that organization, accountability and communication skills define me as a person. I can only hope that someday I can have an impact on someone’s life like Mrs. Rosen’s impact on mine.”

Fran is a teacher in the special ed department at McKenna and unfortunately Massapequa will lose her to retirement this year. We congratulate her for being a motivating force in her students’ lives. And THAT’S what teaching is all about…

Video Editing, Lesson Plans and a Virtual “WebShelf”

4 04 2013

Hi everyone!
Hope you had a relaxing break. I know I did! I have a few things I’d like to share with you today.

First – the good news – teacher centers are IN the budget for next year. I haven’t worked out the details yet as to when MTRACT will be open but we will have money to provide you with services.

Second – hate writing lesson plans? Here’s a new FREE web 2.0 tool that can help

This is Common Curriculum from Common Curriculum on Vimeo.

Third – Looking for APPROPRIATE video for your lesson?
Take a look at Watch, Know, Learn for pre-screened video you may download for FREE

Fourth– Video Editing Made Easy, FREE and in the Cloud!

And FINALLY…VERY INTERESTING – Do you PIN? Well, EdShelf seems to be the educational equivalent. You can create your own shelves or take a look at what other teachers have already found beneficial on their shelves. It’s pretty terrific and, of course, FREE. Click on the link and take a look!Ed ShelfEdShelf