PBS Learning Media

27 10 2014

Hi Everyone!
Can’t believe we’re almost through the first quarter! Sorry it’s taken me so long to welcome you all back!

I’m sure I’ve written about PBS Learning Media before but some sites bear repeating. I was coming back from Albany Friday on a bus. Since there was no internet I was searching through my computer and found a video I downloaded last year that I had forgotten all about – Batman and Signed Numbers. It had been downloaded from PBS.

PBS Learning Media is a FREE site that includes quality lesson plans for Pre-K through College in multiple subject areas as seen below.

But there’s more! Professional development activities including free webinars abound. We are so fortunate to be teaching at a time where we can collaborate and learn from teachers all over the world. It’s worth a look. Go to http://www.pbslearningmedia.org/ and enjoy!

Have a great day,