Time for Review – Super Teacher Tools

27 05 2014

Hey everyone,

Can you believe it? It is time for review and have I found a FREE site to create very easy review games.

It’s called Super Teacher Tools and you can link to it from here




What you will find:

1. Templates for Games (Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Speed Match, and a Virtual Board Game)

2. Teacher Tools (Seating Chart Maker, Group Maker, Random Name Generator)

3. Utility Tools (Classroom Timer, Classroom Countdown, QR Code Maker)

The Games:
There are two versions – the newer version allows you to paste diagrams and equations from Word – SUPER easy! I’ve only used the Jeopardy version so far but it was a piece of cake.

A really great feature is that you can create your own games OR search for games that other teachers have created and made public. Collaboration at it’s finest.

So take a look and enjoy – let me know what you think!