Ever lost your Favorites?? Try Symbaloo Internet Bookmarker for computer, SmartPhone, or Tablet

19 06 2013

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it? Two more days and we are at the end of the year!

Here’s something you may want to take a look at over the summer. Have you ever opened a browser only to find that all of your bookmarks are gone? I use three browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (sometimes I throw in Safari as well). If I bookmarked a website, I would have to remember which browser I was using. THIS can get confusing…. UNTIL, I found Symbaloo!

Symbaloo is a place that you can store all of your bookmarks quickly, easily and VISUALLY. Let’s say I find a site that I really like. I make sure Symbaloo is open (I’ve made it my home page), click on add a tile, copy and paste the URL and voila! See the picture below:


Another really cool thing – let’s say you have a topic of interest and are looking for resources. How about Common Core??? or Football??? or Web 2.0 tools??? Well, you can search for what’s called a WEBMIX – all the tiles are already on the page and you may now add that page to your Symbaloo. Yes, that’s right – Symbaloo lets you have multiple PAGES of bookmarks so you can really be organized. You may want a page for just math sites, just LOTE, etc… Maybe just worksheets. And how about the kids? What a great way to teach them organizational skills!

I’ve included two videos below – one is Symbaloo as explained by a child. Since we are teachers I figured it was appropriate! The other is about SymbalooEdu.

To create a free account, go to http://ny.symbaloo.com

Symbaloo as explained by a child

Symbaloo EDU

Have a GREAT summer,

And THAT’S what teaching is all about… Ray Hahn

12 06 2013

Ray Hahn has been an integral part of our children’s lives over the years as he taught them the love of astronomy using StarLab.



starlab book starlab letter

The article below reproduced from the Massapequan Observer (http://www.antonnews.com/massapequanobserver/news/19876-starlab-presentation-at-birch-lane.html) explains how Ray has been delighting our children for decades.

Starlab Presentation at Birch Lane

Friday, 23 December 2011 00:00
Learning from the master of the planetarium

Mrs. Emmerich’s third-grade students from Birch Lane school visited the Starlab at the Massapequa High School. Raymond Hahn gave an informative presentation in an amazing inflatable planetarium. The children enjoyed sitting in a circle in the dark, looking up at the stars singing “Raining Sunshine.” They learned about stars, planets, constellations and many other things pertaining to space.

The Planetarium was co-purchased by the Massapequa School District and the Massapequa Teachers’ Center (M-TRACT) in 1990. Originally the planetarium was transported to each elementary school where teachers at those schools conducted presentations for classes. After much wear and tear, Raymond Hahn took on the responsibility the Starlab and found a location for the Starlab to permanently be at one location.

Raymond Hahn and the students.
Hahn teaches all six of the elementary schools in the district. In addition, he created and conducts topic-specific presentations for the high school astronomy classes. The very dark environment of Starlab is also ideal for the study of light.

“I know that this sounds crazy, but studying light in a very dark environment is necessary in order to see such things as the Spectra of the Elements,” Hahn said. “Since spectral analysis is a topic covered in both chemistry and physics classes, I created a special presentation which I call my Spectracular Presentation, in order to demonstrate this phenomenon to those classes.”

This is the 42nd year of teaching in the Massapequa School District for Raymond Hahn. Over the years he has taught general science, earth science, astronomy and physics. He especially enjoys doing the Starlab presentations for the elementary school students.

If you’ve never seen StarLab, take a look at the following video.

Ray is in the science department at Massapequa High School and unfortunately Massapequa will lose him to retirement this year. We congratulate Ray for being a motivating force in his students’ lives.

And THAT’S what teaching is all about…