Pixton Cartoon Maker (WRITING TOOL), Encyclopedia of Life and the Professor Garfield Contest

21 02 2013

Hi everyone,


pixtonTake a look at the new FREE cartoon maker at the Professor Garfield website. There is a premium version but the free does PLENTY! What a great way for students to write a report on some assigned topic or LOTE students to create a conversation.
I’ve linked two videos below to show just what Pixton can do. Click on the URL below to see them. Michael Draper – you will LOVE this!



Another site for SCIENCE teachers is the Encyclopedia of Life (http://eol.org), a free online resource about all life on Earth that offers text, images, video, sounds, maps, . . . Watch the video for a 2 minute clip

This is a real community of sharing supported by many including the Smithsonian Institute and Harvard University.


To introduce you to these wonderful resources, NYS Teacher Centers, NYIT, Professor Garfield and EOL are sponsoring a contest for grades 6 through 8. eol

Students will visit the Invasive Species of New York State Collection on EOL at http://eol.org/collections/33844 to choose an invasive species in our area and then create a 6 to 9 panel comic in Pixton. I’ve attached a PDF Encyclopedia of Life Contest with further information as well as the rubric. Entries MUST be submitted to me by May 1!!!

PRIZES for students in each grade level
First Place – Apple iPad Mini
Second Place – Google Nexus Tablet
Third Place – Kindle Reader

There is a website as well – click to go to http://profgcontest.nyittbls.org/home/new-york-state-teachers

Enjoy – as always if you need help, give me a call or email me 🙂

Digital Learning Day Is HERE!

6 02 2013

digital learning dayHi everyone and welcome to Digital Learning Day!

Can you imagine a day where there is no paper, no pencils, and all teaching and learning is digital?! Of course you know how I feel about that! I would imagine a classroom filled with engaged students and a teacher who actually has time to TEACH!

One school uses stations – there are individual, teacher-led and collaborative learning stations. Take a look – I promise that you will be inspired. Click here to visit Alliance Education

CONGRATULATIONS to Anne Nardone and Julie Rogers. Their video submission is one of the Digital Learning Day winners and can be found by clicking here.

In conjunction with Digital Learning Day, teacher centers will be offering various webinars and announcing a contest for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Students will use the Encyclopedia of Life to research an invasive species in our area and then create a comic using Pixton at the Professor Garfield site. I will be joining Bob Levy and Clive Goodinson to announce the contest and provide details at 2:30. You can join us by clicking here. By the way, prizes include an iPad Mini, Google Nexus tablet, and Kindle Reader.

For information and links to all of our webinars, click here.

Have a great day!! See you online,