Teachers Pay Teachers

23 01 2014

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. My life has been very hectic of late. I was trying to think about what to write and remembered a teacher at my last workshop speaking of a site called teacherspayteachers. She said she found some really good lessons and it has actually given her some time off on weekends! So… I decided I’ll take a look and tell you about it.

You can sign up for free either as a buyer or buyer/seller with royalty payments or choose the premium account with no transaction fees and pay 59.95.

Grade levels start with Pre-K and ends with Post Secondary and Adult Ed.

TPT Subjects


Take a look at the major subject areas to the left. The right arrows will take you to various topics (too numerous to mention). Specialty subjects include everything from business to health to speech and even ASL!

TPT Resources

Types of resources include worksheets, lesson plans, DBQ’s, SMART Board activities, PowerPoint, assessments, ExamView question banks, webquests, clip art, used books and on and on…. see the image to the left or better yet, click here to visit the site and see for yourself see all it has to offer. Membership is free and I believe it’s certainly worth a look 🙂

Let me know what you think – have a great day!