Formative Assessment Tools

1 11 2015

Hi all

It’s been a VERY busy year! I’ve been playing around with several formative assessment tools and thought I’d share. We’ve used Pear Deck, Google Forms, and Haiku to inform our instruction and each has its strengths. I recently have been playing with Kahoot and just heard about Quizziz.

What I really liked about Kahoot was the data that is generated and the engagement of my students. Each answer is timed and you can choose anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. That works in some cases but not all. That’s where Quizziz comes in. Quizziz allows from 30 seconds to 5 minutes for each question. What I really like about Quizziz is that students work at their own pace. The teacher can view the data as the students are working so if I see that a student is struggling I have the time to go over and help him/her.Both give data that can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet with information about EACH question – very, very cool!

Take a look at the following video for what Kahoot has to offer. Then watch the video about Quizziz. Both platforms have public quizzes so you can search for a specific topic. In Kahoot, you can duplicate the quiz and modify to your heart’s content. In Quizziz, you can choose individual questions from various public quizzes. I really like that idea! 21st century is all about sharing and collaboration and that’s exactly what you’ll find in both platforms.