Academic Vocabulary with Pixton and Gooru – An Educational Search Engine

12 03 2013

Hi everyone,

Academic Vocabulary

We have two words outside our doors throughout McKenna each week with their definitions. Take a look at what Tim Gill did with “assume” using Pixton, the FREE comic maker I told you about. Click on the link below the image to see the rest of the comic.


Don’t forget about the contest using Pixton and reporting on an invasive life species. Let me know if you need any help! Thanks Tim for sharing your creativity with us

Tired of googling a topic that you are about to teach and then spending however long to filter through what would not be appropriate for education?

Try gooruing instead! Take a look at the search engine for education called gooru sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation, Cisco, pd, ONR, Google, Ram Shriram Family Foundation, Pearson, and Next Generation. It is also an APP – you can find it for your iPad or in the Google Marketplace.
I’ve embedded a video with information about it below.

This is not just a search engine – it’s a community of teachers and students. Go to and explore. Join the community.

Stonybrook Classes

And speaking of Google, Stonybrook is offering three courses leading toward the Google Certified Trainer certification. These courses are graduate and work for your 175 hours. I will send the paperwork as soon as I get it. In addition, let me know if you are interested in the Education Computing Certificate. This can be extended for a masters program. Our Ed Leadership program will not begin until the fall.


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