Ever lost your Favorites?? Try Symbaloo Internet Bookmarker for computer, SmartPhone, or Tablet

19 06 2013

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it? Two more days and we are at the end of the year!

Here’s something you may want to take a look at over the summer. Have you ever opened a browser only to find that all of your bookmarks are gone? I use three browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (sometimes I throw in Safari as well). If I bookmarked a website, I would have to remember which browser I was using. THIS can get confusing…. UNTIL, I found Symbaloo!

Symbaloo is a place that you can store all of your bookmarks quickly, easily and VISUALLY. Let’s say I find a site that I really like. I make sure Symbaloo is open (I’ve made it my home page), click on add a tile, copy and paste the URL and voila! See the picture below:


Another really cool thing – let’s say you have a topic of interest and are looking for resources. How about Common Core??? or Football??? or Web 2.0 tools??? Well, you can search for what’s called a WEBMIX – all the tiles are already on the page and you may now add that page to your Symbaloo. Yes, that’s right – Symbaloo lets you have multiple PAGES of bookmarks so you can really be organized. You may want a page for just math sites, just LOTE, etc… Maybe just worksheets. And how about the kids? What a great way to teach them organizational skills!

I’ve included two videos below – one is Symbaloo as explained by a child. Since we are teachers I figured it was appropriate! The other is about SymbalooEdu.

To create a free account, go to http://ny.symbaloo.com

Symbaloo as explained by a child

Symbaloo EDU

Have a GREAT summer,

Feb 10, 2010

14 07 2012
Hi everyone!
Welcome to the blizzard of 2010! I’m sitting in my office and looking at the snow coming down so I decided I’d try to catch up. I found some links that I thought you might find interesting!

Social Studies

Create maps

And finally, ENJOY THE SNOW!!!

Jan 8, 2010

14 07 2012

Hi everyone!
Happy New Year!!!!
I came on to post and realized I haven’t been here since before vacation – hope you had a great one.

One of the teacher centers has asked us to share information with you about a SMART Board User Groups blog. I thought you’d be interested – Enjoy!

Please share this message with your teachers. Thank you.
The Teacher Center of Broome County is forming a virtual Smart BUG (Smart Board Users Group).
Anyone interested in using SMART Boards in education are invited to join the BUG and accept the challenge to help post 365 suggestions related to
educational use of the SMART BOARD during 2010.

Joining is easy and painless. Go to the “Getting SMARTER with SMARTBOARDS” blog at this web address –


Click on the word “comment’ under any 2010 blog posting.

Make your suggestion and include a brief introduction if it is your first time posting.

We only need 300 more suggestions to meet our goal!

“Working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats. They can push things that come into their hands a little higher up, a little further on towards the heights of excellence.”

Oct 27, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,
Our SMART Doc camera is ready for you to borrow. So what is a SMART Doc camera you might ask? Well it pretty much replaces your ELMO and can connect to your SMART Board.


Do you want to magnify a page for your class to see?

Would you like to insert that page into your SMART Board? Just use the screen capture tool. Now you can add notes, arrows, whatever you choose without marking up the original. Click to watch the video on incorporating SMART tools with your DOC camera.

Science teachers – you know how difficult it is to present an experiment to the entire class? Put your petrie dish or leaf or whatever you choose under the SMART Doc Camera and it will display on your SMART Board. You can zoom in or out as you please – you can take a picture (screen capture) and it’s already in your SMART notebook just waiting for you to add notes! Click to watch a video for science ideas

You do NOT need a SMART Board to use the SMART Doc camera – a whiteboard and projector will work. To capture images, you would need the SMART notebook software.

Click to watch the video for more information!

Oct 9, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,
Here we go for another three-day weekend…ENJOY it! By now you should have received the Power Point that Eileen Blum (FF) made for us. Thanks so much, Eileen!

I told you that we have many new toys for you to borrow in order to integrate technology easily into your classrooms. One of those items is a wireless airliner that can be used with your SMART Board. So what is it???? The airliner is similar to a tablet that students can use to write on with a special pen. What they write will appear on the SMART Board!!! Neat, huh? You might want to take a look at the airliner’s features. Just click here for more information.

Have a GREAT weekend,

Sept 29, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,
Hope you had a great three-day weekend – one more week and we’ll have another!!!

I thought you may be interested in a SMART blog from TeqSmart – lots of really good information here – http://blog.teqsmart.org/

Have a great day!

Mar 20, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone!
I have lots of very exciting news! Most importantly, Senator Fuschillo stopped by M-TRACT today. The library media department was in and working very diligently. I showed him all of our equipment and he was very impressed. He really loved the color poster maker and Smart Board. He asked if I thought teachers take advantage of all that the Smart Board has to offer. I said, “Absolutely in this district!” I told him how you have training so you know how much can be accomplished with its integration into the classroom.

Okay – so that was exciting news #1 – now for #2
I went to the Celebration for Teaching and Learning last week – great conference by the way! I learned some new things but am just at the tip of the iceberg. I have to delve in to get more information and then I’ll share with you.

Anyway, to make a long story short – I won a SMART BOARD!!!!! After speaking to Jenny, and bringing it up to the board, the decision was made that we are going to have a Smart Board contest!!!! Watch for the application information. I have to leave for a conference today but will return Tuesday. The flyers will be available then.

Have a great weekend!

Feb 27, 2009

14 07 2012

Tomorrow is the big day – hope to see you at the Taxpayer Rally in Farmingdale!

I have a couple of websites I thought you may be interested in. One is a blog about SmartBoards created by The Teacher Center of Broome County’s Smart Board blog

“Getting Smarter with SMART Boards”

and the other is an article in the February 2009 issue of NJEA Review (New Jersey Education Association)about SmartBoards in which the Broome County TC was mentioned.
The article is available online and is entitled: “Using SMART Board in the Classroom”.


Enjoy – have a great weekend,