chatGPT in our Schools

30 03 2023

I’m assuming the ethics discussions in our classrooms are going to be animated. Artificial intelligence is here. How will this effect student work? I can tell you that Turnitin is creating an AI version and it will definitely be needed! Should your students be using AI? Are they already using AI? How will equity be affected? What can AI do for you as a teacher? Time to start your investigation! Here’s an article from THE Journal that can answer some of your questions. Enjoy 🙂 Is ChatGPT the End of Writing? Turnitin Believes It Could Actually Boost Students’ Writing Instruction — THE Journal

But I Studied . ..

3 02 2023

How many of us have heard that statement from a student so disappointed in the outcome of an exam. We teach the material, but do we teach them how to study? Here follows a video as well as an Edutopia article on teaching students how to study.

Teaching Your Students to Think, Therefore Learn

14 12 2022

I will never forget one of my Computer Science students (who was an A student in AP Math) telling me that my test wasn’t fair because I had never given them a similar problem. We discussed how real-world problems would not necessarily be familiar ones. He would need to use the tools in his mental toolbox to derive a solution.

This article gives some terrific strategies to give your students “the opportunity to think.”

5 Ways to Stop Thinking for Your Students

Welcome Back

5 09 2022

Hi everyone – welcome back!! I am looking forward to working with you this year. Please let me know if there is anything you need from MTRACT as we move forward.

I found a video that I thought may be helpful for some of you as you return to your classrooms. Enjoy 🙂

Tips for First Year Teachers

22 08 2022

Another year for many and a first year for some! Congratulations and welcome! Enjoy the following video and hopefully you will find some useful tips 🙂

Choice Boards with Torrey Trust, PHD Amherst

1 03 2022

The Teacher Center forum has shared this very valuable resource created by Dr. Torrey Trust, an associate professor of Learning Technology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She shares resources that take technology to the next level through choice boards that “enrich the learning experiences of educators and students alike” (

I was particularly impressed with the design projects page – The following is one example of a Choice Board that ultimately has students do a critical analysis of the coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Critical thinking, research, and evaluation of websites reporting information is crucial to our students in the social media world we live in.

Parent Teacher Conference Tips from Edutopia

15 11 2021

Project Based Learning

16 10 2021

I am a huge proponent of PBL Here is a video from Edutopia that demonstrates the differences between projects and project based learning. I’ve included a link under the video that will help you with the shift toward project based learning. Enjoy 🙂

And We’re Back! Well – almost…

20 08 2021

I found the following video in Edutopia and thought I’d share. Some of you may already use this strategy but some may find it a worthwhile and unique way to get to know your students.

ENJOY the rest of summer and this video 🙂

Data Literacy in K-12

17 06 2021

Data is all around us and our students need to understand not only how to “get the data” but how to “interpret the data”. We had great tools with Curriculum Pathways for many years in multiple subject areas. That has gone away. However, SAS has a new FREE tool for us to use! There are many facets to this new website and I will elaborate on them in future posts. For now, explore the DataFly resource at the following URL:

Here’s a video from SAS on Achieving Data Literacy in K-12. Enjoy 🙂