Common Core

EngageNY has been completely revamped. There’s a video library for math common core instruction grades K-5. I’ve posted a link on the math page.

Also a new page for the K-12 Social Studies framework is linked from here.

Having trouble finding the modules on the EngageNY site? Click on the link below to go to a Symbaloo page. Just click on the tile for the module you’re looking for.

Here’s an image of what the Symbaloo page looks like.










Spotlight Video: How Webster School District is implementing the Common Core. Click here to go to EngageNY for the video
Commissioner King speaks about the assessments for this year. king and assessment
Click here to go to EngageNY for the video

Below are links to PDF files NYSUT has encouraged sharing for Common Core – Elementary, Secondary, and Counselors.




And from EngageNY, here are Evidence Guides regarding the implementation of Common Core in lessons:





And finally, a link to EngageNY lesson modules:
Click here for Lesson Modules from EngageNY

Enjoy this light introduction to the Common Core.

Many of you had your introduction last year and now it’s time to dig in. There are so many sites that have information as well as video and lessons. I will do my best to post some that I believe you will find beneficial here. The Common Core State Standards have been adopted and adjusted to fit each state’s particular needs.

Common Core and the Elementary Classroom

Common Core and the Middle School Classroom

Common Core and the High School Classroom

EngageNY, New York’s home page for the Common Core Learning Standards, has a great deal of information for you to peruse. Some of the links I post will come from there. I have included a link for you to investigate.

Click here to go to EngageNY

Please let me know of sites that you may find that would be beneficial to your colleagues.

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