You’ve heard of highlighting? How about citelighting OR scribling?

28 05 2013

Citelighter ( is your highlighter on steroids. The free version allows you to capture text from the internet, automatically creates the bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago, and gives you a scratchpad to enter your notes about the research. It will save to your citelighter account but you can also download to Word. It will integrate with Google Docs but that requires the paid version.

Scrible ( allows you not only to highlight your online content on the web but add post-it notes and save to your library. Scrible, like Citelighter, can also create the bibliography for you. There is a new free student version that was unveiled within the past two months.

Both are finalists in the 2013 EdTech IndustrySummit Innovator Award. I’ve only started using them and to be quite honest found Citelighter easier though I wish the integration with Google were not only with the paid version. Scrible is probably more powerful and I can see English teachers happier with this one. Take a look at both and see what is your preference. I’d love to get feedback!

Creativity without Technology

8 05 2013

Hi everyone!
Caine and Me - Copy
I spent an incredible four days with teachers from all over the country this past weekend. Besides creating Common Core lessons, the focus of the weekend was on the power of community building. We were so impressed by the following video and then blown away when Caine and Nirvan entered the room. Caine is in the fifth grade and has made such an impact on so many through the creation of an arcade with the cardboard boxes from his dad’s auto parts store. He is adorable! When he was asked, “So Caine, what’s next?”, he shrugged his shoulders and said “sixth grade?” He is a normal boy who has had an incredible impact on so many but he has remained himself – an adorable child with an imagination. Enjoy this video – you may want to share with your students.