Writing Reviser – a Google AddOn

29 03 2017

Back in 2014, I wrote about SAS Curriculum Pathways and the many interactive tools and lessons available for free. They are still there but now they are moving to Chrome!!! The Writing Navigator is a tool AND app that helps students move from planning to drafting to revising to publishing. You will have to create an account but its free.

And NOW, SAS has included an add-on to Google Docs for the Writing Reviser! Any teacher I’ve shown this tool to has been blown away!
To get it, go to Tools, Get Add-ons in a Google Doc: 
When you want to use the Writing Reviser just go back to your AddOn tab and Open the Addon! I can’t even tell you how much is available with this add-on. I could not do it justice. Here’s some images but you really need to try it to see its power.

Sentence Economy Information

Verb Tenses

Misplaced Modifiers


Windows 8 Internet Explorer Read Button

18 02 2015

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved break! I’ve been “playing” and wanted to share a really cool tool with you.

You know how attempting to read articles on the Internet results in ads all over the page – frustrating, don’t you think? Example below:

Math Meets

Well, there IS a solution if you are using the Interne Explorer tile from Windows 8. Look next to the URL at the bottom of your page for a READ button. Click it and voila:

IE Read

I believe this solution is strictly for the IE tile in Windows 8. I haven’t found it in the regular IE browser. If I do, I’ll let you know 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your break!