CTLE – Get them and Report them

31 03 2021

Hi all

I’m hoping that you are enjoying a well deserved break! NYS Teacher Centers have a new website and there are many free workshops that are being offered online. Go to https://newyorkteachercenters.org All classes are CTLE sponsored so they will count toward your State requirement.

Many have asked about reporting your CTLE hours. When your five year date approaches, you will see a checkbox on your TEACH page. You are required to check the box to attest that you have completed the 100 hours in your five year period. There is NOTHING to submit. Hold on to your records. At some point, the NYS Education Office MAY contact you for an audit of your hours.

The following is taken directly from the NYS Education website:

CTLE certificate holders¬†shall maintain a record of completed CTLE, which shall include: the title of the program, the total number of hours completed, the number of hours completed in language acquisition addressing the need of English language learners, the sponsor’s name and any identifying number, attendance verification, and the date and location of the program. Such records shall be retained for at least three years from the end of the registration period in which the CTLE was completed and shall be available for review by the Department upon request. Completion certificates are not to be submitted to the Office of Teaching Initiatives unless they are requested.

Have a great week,