Oct 27, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,
Our SMART Doc camera is ready for you to borrow. So what is a SMART Doc camera you might ask? Well it pretty much replaces your ELMO and can connect to your SMART Board.


Do you want to magnify a page for your class to see?

Would you like to insert that page into your SMART Board? Just use the screen capture tool. Now you can add notes, arrows, whatever you choose without marking up the original. Click to watch the video on incorporating SMART tools with your DOC camera.

Science teachers – you know how difficult it is to present an experiment to the entire class? Put your petrie dish or leaf or whatever you choose under the SMART Doc Camera and it will display on your SMART Board. You can zoom in or out as you please – you can take a picture (screen capture) and it’s already in your SMART notebook just waiting for you to add notes! Click to watch a video for science ideas

You do NOT need a SMART Board to use the SMART Doc camera – a whiteboard and projector will work. To capture images, you would need the SMART notebook software.

Click to watch the video for more information!



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