Mar 22, 2012

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,

It’s been a VERY busy month! I just returned from Albany with Marybeth Rotheim (Unqua) that focused on Common Core, the APPR, and SLO’s. We listened to Ken Slentz (NYS Dept of Ed) and Glen Jeffers (NYSUT). We learned a great deal but there is much more that we all need to be aware of. Teacher Centers are committed to keep you informed

As happens every year, teacher centers need to fight for their place in the budget and we once again ask that you send a fax to your legislator. The Assembly included us but the Senate left us out. At the Committee of 100, one Senator said, “Oh, I though teacher centers were in the budget. They’re not?” We need to remind them.

Time is critical – if you could just click on the following link, will be brought to the following page. It will only take about 30 seconds of your time.

As always, thanks for your help!



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