May 24, 2011

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,

We’re coming down to the wire, things are crazy, EVERYONE’s busy, and the “tests” have either just finished or are around the bend.

The PDP Survey
As I do each year, the PDP survey has been posted in My Learning Plan. Many of you already know the reason for the survey but for those who are new, let me explain.

The district provides professional development during the school day as well as after school. All teachers are required to complete up to 15 hours of professional development annually and those teachers with professional certification need 175 hours every 5 years. It is very important that you are given professional development that is worthwhile and not a waste of your time. Hence the survey….

The survey is created by a committee that is comprised of administrators and union representatives. Once you complete it, I create a report including all your responses. That report is distributed to the Board of Education, all administrators and your union reps who will place the report in faculty rooms. Your administrators will use your responses in their planning for next year’s professional development.

Thanks for your help by filling out this survey…..

A Beautiful Video

And now, a video, “Inspirational Teacher Quotes”, that I think you’ll enjoy and you ALL deserve!!!

Enjoy your three day weekend – let’s pray for sun!!! 
(And please remember to go to My Learning Plan and fill out the survey….THANK YOU!!!)



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