Sept 7, 2011

14 07 2012

Hey everyone, it’s time to change your profile…….

You may have changed grades or even schools so you need to let My Learning Plan know. Please make sure you only choose ONE department – Example Grade1-3 OR Grade4-6 OR Art OR Elementary Special Ed TA OR Elementary Special Ed Teacher. You may choose multiple grades. If you’re teaching students in grades 10 and 11, choose those two options. Special subject areas may teach K-6. That’s ok – you may click on each grade level.

WHY is this so important? 

One very important reason is that your request is routed to the proper administrator for approval. If you check multiple departments, it will go to ALL of those administrators. Another reason is that you will not see the proper workshops if you’ve marked the wrong department or school.

If you are a traveling teacher, choose your home school as your building.

Next week, I will be locking all profiles so this is something you really need to do this week. It will only take a minute.

HOW do I change my profile?
1. Log into MLP
2. Go to the bottom left corner and you’ll see My User Profile
3. When you click on it you’ll see a form with your name as well as a place to select your building as well as your department and grade level…

For more information on MLP, you can go to the MTRACT website from the district page and choose My Learning Plan.

Thanks all – have a great day!!!!



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