September 4, 2012

7 09 2012

Welcome Back and welcome to MTRACT’s new website! I hope you had a great summer.

As you can see, the site has been updated with pages for the APPR and the Common Core. I will continue to update both. Information regarding the APPR is huge so it is a work in progress. I have attached the NYS Guidance Document at the end of the APPR Overview page for those who would like to investigate further.

The courses page highlights NYSUT courses that are currently being offered in Massapequa and will also highlight courses offered by other teacher centers. There is also a FAQ page for My Learning Plan as well as Professional Certification for those of you who need 175 hours.

Take a look at the right margin – I’ve moved all blog posts here and categorized them so it’s an easier search for you.

As always, I’d like to welcome you back with a video. I really liked this one because it speaks to why we do what we do. Have a great year!!!!!!



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