Happy Thanksgiving

20 11 2012

Hi everyone,

As we recover from Sandy, I would like to wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving.

I am also asking for help for teachers in Freeport who lost all of their supplies. As you know, we pay for many of the things we bring into our classrooms so if you have any extra of the following, please email me. The following is the message I received from their teacher center director:

“Thank you so much for your help! Teachers have lost a great deal of supplies. I know that electric sharpeners, pencils, chart paper, construction paper, looseleaf paper, listening centers, classroom libraries have been lost…… Really anything that you can get would be helpful at this time. I am so very grateful to you for reaching out! ”

Once again, if you have anything, please email me. I will coordinate delivery.

In addition, NYIT is attempting to coordinate online tutoring for students severely affected. They will train and are asking if anyone would be interested in volunteering an hour a week to help. Again, if you are able to help, please email me.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving,



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