Learn Zillion

5 12 2012

Before Sandy came along, I told you that I had found this really phenomenal website for the Common Core called LearnZillion. It was created by a former teacher and principal, Eric Westendorf, who explains that he started this venture as a solution to a problem in his school. Teachers created video of lessons that were posted on a website as a resource for their students. Today the LearnZillion site has nearly 2000 lessons (and growing), that are common core aligned and created by teachers for teachers. They are constantly looking for feedback and adding new features that teachers request.

I began to create an informational sheet for all of you and it ended up being 32 pages long (some highlight Math and others ELA) so don’t worry you would not have to go through all 32 pages. It actually became a tutorial on all that is available and how to utilize what’s there. One thing I REALLY love about it is the slide “Common Mistake” which illustrates mistakes students usually make. This is a FREE resource available to teachers, students and parents!

Click on the link to see it as a flipbook http://snack.to/fu82tas3

OR you may download the PDF file by following this link: Learn Zillion Information

I know you’re busy but I promise you that you will be so happy because this is a treasure trove of lessons for you! OH! And by the way, video is You Tube based so you CAN embed in Haiku!!!!

Enjoy the day and let me know what you think!



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