Digital Learning Day, Business and Health Websites

4 01 2013

Hi everyone and welcome back to a NEW year and hopefully a great one!

digital learning day

Don’t forget to sign up for the second annual Digital Learning Day on February 6th. For more information and FREE registration click here.

Also, contact me if you’d like to submit a 2 to 3 minute video on how YOU integrate technology into your classroom. As a reminder, the website for this contest information can be found here.

Through Technology Tidbits and Tech4Teachers, I’ve found a couple of sites that Health and Business teachers may be interested in.

HEALTH Department
Here’s an iPad app “The Miracle of Life” I think you’ll find worthwhile. The video will give you an idea of how it can be used in your classroom. Remember MTRACT has iPads you may borrow.

BUSINESS Department
Remember Atari? Here’s a typing game that I believe the kids will enjoy. It is Space Game Defense – words fly down in attack and children (or adults – I had some fun playing as well – ask Trish Kanavy, she caught me!) must type the word in order to shoot it down before it reaches their base. The game can be found at

Happy New Year!



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