Mar 16, 2010

14 07 2012

Hi everyone!

Hope you all made it through the storm okay. I was actually at a conference in Rochester as four of my front pine trees chose to lay down like dominoes – such fun!

Anyway, I have a couple of more websites I thought you’d enjoy! The first one is called WebOWord and it displays a word along with a picture. There are also interactive crosswords at this site. It’s free – would I send you anything that wasn’t???

Since the theme is vocabulary, the next site I’m going to share is “Math Vocabulary” page created by an Australian!

Feb 10, 2010

14 07 2012
Hi everyone!
Welcome to the blizzard of 2010! I’m sitting in my office and looking at the snow coming down so I decided I’d try to catch up. I found some links that I thought you might find interesting!

Social Studies

Create maps

And finally, ENJOY THE SNOW!!!

Dec 21, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,
Saw a really cute site for math teachers –

It has some short videos that can be used to introduce a topic. Let me know what you think….

Have a WONDERFUL vacation – enjoy your holidays!