Using Comics to Engage Students

8 05 2021

Have you ever thought of having students create comics for reports? Here’s a great article from Edutopia that demonstrates using a comic to solve a math problem. Think of how comics can be used in all subject areas! Enjoy 🙂

How to Turn Math Word Problems Into Engaging Comics | Edutopia

CTLE – Get them and Report them

31 03 2021

Hi all

I’m hoping that you are enjoying a well deserved break! NYS Teacher Centers have a new website and there are many free workshops that are being offered online. Go to All classes are CTLE sponsored so they will count toward your State requirement.

Many have asked about reporting your CTLE hours. When your five year date approaches, you will see a checkbox on your TEACH page. You are required to check the box to attest that you have completed the 100 hours in your five year period. There is NOTHING to submit. Hold on to your records. At some point, the NYS Education Office MAY contact you for an audit of your hours.

The following is taken directly from the NYS Education website:

CTLE certificate holders shall maintain a record of completed CTLE, which shall include: the title of the program, the total number of hours completed, the number of hours completed in language acquisition addressing the need of English language learners, the sponsor’s name and any identifying number, attendance verification, and the date and location of the program. Such records shall be retained for at least three years from the end of the registration period in which the CTLE was completed and shall be available for review by the Department upon request. Completion certificates are not to be submitted to the Office of Teaching Initiatives unless they are requested.

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Free Webinars from NYSUT

20 01 2021

NYSUT has been offering several free webinars to members. There are several being offered on certification and CTLE hours beginning February 10th. Click on the Cert/CTLE page of this site to register.

In addition, I’ve linked to two webinars on blended/hybrid learning (also NYSUT) below. Kira Martelli, a sixth grade teacher at Berner is one of the presenters so I’m sure you will find them valuable.

Session One: Teaching in Blended & Hybrid Models: Session I – Preparing to Balance It All – Vimeo
Session Two: Instruction, Assessment, Now What?

For the Resources click here

A SmartBoard for Every Student

17 08 2020

Have you been using Google JamBoard with your class? Very cool! If you’ve never heard of JamBoard then watch this video for a really quick intro.

Already using and loving JamBoard? The next video has some basic facts but then ideas on using JamBoard in your remote teaching. As an added bonus for math teachers, see how Equatio can be used in this tool. Enjoy 🙂

Screencast with FlipGrid

5 05 2020

Hi all

I hope you and your families are doing well.

I know that many of you are using FlipGrid with your classes and wanted to be sure that you know they have added a new Screencast feature. Richard Byrne of FreeTechforTeachers (great site by the way) has created a video on YouTube explaining this new feature. Enjoy and stay safe 🙂

PhET: Free online math, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science Interactives

27 03 2020

I realize your plate is full as you scramble to create lessons in a fully online world as we all battle the Corona Virus. Phet is a terrific site that was created by the University of Colorado Boulder. It is FREE and does NOT require a log in. They have activities for elementary, middle, high school as well as university. Many times I lauded the interactives offered by SAS Curriculum Pathways. Since they have shut down their site, the activities were added to Phet. I have links to both a math lesson as well as science to give you an idea of what is there. Enjoy and Stay Safe.


Balloons and Static Electricity

Don't forget to Disinfect your Phone

19 03 2020

How-To-Geek is one of my favorite Go-To sites for tech information. I found this article today about disinfecting your phone. An excerpt from the article: “The CDC recommends that everyone “clean all “high-touch” surfaces every day” to protect against the spread of COVID-19. These surfaces include smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and other frequently-used items of technology. We’ll be showing you how to do this safely, using the CDC’s recommendations of using “alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol” to kill microbes without damaging your device.”

Read their recommendation at

Stay safe all,

Free Instructional Resource for Math and ELA

18 03 2020

Hi all

Hope you are all well … these are challenging times but we will all get through them by helping one another. I worked with LearnZillion several years back and was impressed with the vetting of their instructional videos, They have since been sold but the instructional videos are free and do not need a sign up; or log-in.

I visited the site today and noticed that some of the Illustrative Math lesson plans are also free but teacher notes are not included in the free version. To access go to

Hope these are helpful. I used many of them when teaching middle school math and encouraged parents to use them as well. Stay safe.


New law protects student data

11 11 2019

FROM NYSUT United Sept/Oct 2019

Be sure to read the article by Kara Smith in NYSUT United regarding Education Law 2-D. We’ve all used the free websites that provide educational resources and data. Ed Law 2-D was enacted to protect our students’ data from digital hijackers. Regulations have NOT yet been put into place but it is coming and we need to be vigilant.

Jolene DiBrango, NYSUT executive vice president states “Once regulations are adopted, all third-party contractors, and educational agencies — including the State Education Department, school districts and BOCES — will be required to adopt a data security and privacy policy to safeguard student data.” (NYSUT United, Sept/Oct, 2019)

How does this law affect us?

Free sites require that we accept their terms of service. That puts us in jeopardy of violating federal and state law. Be sure to go to your district technology department and get written approval if you are using any app other than those provided by the district.

For further information go to the NYSUT United Sept/Oct 2019 issue and read the article by By Kara Smith

Policy Board Meeting

17 10 2019

The meeting on October 21st has been canceled.