Aug 25, 2009

14 07 2012

Hi everyone,
Welcome back! I hope you had a really great summer vacation!

Our graduate courses are posted on the M-TRACT website and inservice will be posted shortly. If you have an idea for a new inservice course that you would either like to instruct or feel would be beneficial, please contact me. It takes all of us to make a successful teacher center.

The technology staff was busy all summer setting up your new computers and many more SMART Boards. I had very good feedback on the SMART Board boot camps as well as the in-service SMART classes. Once you start using your boards, you’ll wonder how you ever taught without them! You can look forward to more SMART training throughout the year – both district and inservice.

The M-TRACT staff will be busy setting up our new cut-out maker – ask your liaisons for more information and keep posted to our blog as to when it is ready for your use. In addition, we will have many new technology tools for you to borrow including a digital video camera, two digital cameras, SMART doc cameras, a MAC laptop as well as PC laptops. Use them to enhance your lessons!

I look forward to a successful new year and as always am here if you need anything – just email your questions and input!

Thanks and have a great year,



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