Oct 13, 2010

14 07 2012

Hi and welcome back!!! By now, we have all had some time to settle in – I hope you had a great summer as well as beginning of the school year!

I know many of you have had SMART Board training – don’t forget MTRACT has Airliner Wireless Slate Boards, Doc Cameras and a Senteo Interactive Response System for your use. Just call ahead to reserve.

Click here for a REALLY NEAT SITE for videos – it’s called Encyclomedia – check it out!

You should have received our newsletter by now so you know that we have not been funded and unfortunately find it necessary to charge for classes, laminating, and posters. The cutout maker is free – just bring your own construction paper.

Certified teachers who seek an additional certification in Students with Disabilities at the same developmental level can fulfill certification requirements through the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust.

ELT courses that address the four required competency areas are:
Curriculum and Instruction
SED 661: Cooperative Learning for SWD

Managing the Environment
EDUC 503M: Methods & Materials SWD

Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation
EDUC 516M: Curricular Assessment and Behavior Management

Foundations of Special Education
ENY 729: Inclusion: Education for All* *(available online)

Click here for more information and then fill in the following form if you are interested.



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