Make You Tube Interactive with Zaption!

30 01 2015

One of the teachers in an online class that I’m teaching mentioned a site called Zaption so, of course, I had to explore. I will preface this by saying that I am in no way an expert BUT I AM excited! This is what you can do: Find a video on the topic you are teaching. You can search through YouTube, Vimeo, TED, Discovery, National Geographic,… You can preview, create new tour or add to My Videos.

NOW comes the fun part! When you create a new tour, you can stop the video at various points and create interactive questions. . . free response, multiple choice, etc. Now when you show the video it will pause at that spot and display the question in a side bar. There are analytics that come with the free version but I haven’t had time to explore that as yet. . . just found this last night but I could not wait to share!

The free version allows you to:

  • Watch as many video lessons as you like
  • Find great educational videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Create your own video lessons using 6 interactive elements with a single video
  • Share lessons with your students and friends
  • Track viewer progress and responses with detailed analytics
  • Copy and edit ready-to-use video lessons from the Zaption Gallery

Watch the video to get a better idea. Sorry I didn’t zap it 😦



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