Enjoy your break

21 12 2018

Hi all

Your winter break has arrived! Enjoy the rest! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas 🙂

On a personal note, we lost a member of the Massapequa family this week. Walter Vohs, Math teacher, chairperson, curriculum associate, was a stellar example and champion of both students and teachers. He made a difference….



3 responses

6 06 2019
Adam J Carpentieri

I’ll never forget asking Mr. Vohs how he could spend his life doing something so boring. He replied emphatically, “I love it, this is my life’s work.” Most people would have been insulted but he took the opportunity to create a teachable moment. To spend your life being passionate and interested in anything, even when others find it boring, is a a great gift.

11 05 2019
Mary Jane Reilly

Sitting with my 10th grader telling him about Mr Vohs and how he made geometry come alive. His excitement when he used colored chalk created enthusiasm for all of us. In googling him to find out how to reach him I saw this sad news. I wish all teachers were as memorable as Mr Vohs!

15 05 2019
Barbara Knab

Thank you so much for remembering Walter. This would mean the world to him!

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